Future features

Here is my current to-do list (in no particular order):
  1. Add "Open with MLCad" command.
  2. Add detection of invalid command line arguments.
  3. Fix Landscape printing.
  4. Add an Options submenu under the View menu to switch many of the instant-update preferences on and off (with keyboard shortcuts for all of them). (For instance, lighting enable, wireframe enable, etc.)
  5. Add support for [Views] section of ldraw.ini.
  6. Smooth polygon outline for polygon antialiasing of pattern polygons (polygons that aren't in the default color).
  7. Add support for 1-8sphc.dat primitive substitution.
  8. Add support for stereo pair printing (when stereo mode is enabled).
  9. Add ability to set render DPI when printing. (Currently always uses printer DPI).
  10. Improve transparent polygon sorting.
  11. Add other model motions to the screensaver.
Here are some more to-do items which I may or may not work on (also in no particular order):
  1. Improve preset viewing angles. (Toolbar?)
  2. Add true orthagonal support.
  3. Add a way for the user to adjust the various lighting parameters (ambient, diffuse, specular).
  4. Add more stud options, such as drawing them as just a line as MLCad allows, or even perhaps as just a texture map (although I can't imagine a texture map that would look good from multiple viewing angles). With modern 3D accelerators, a texture map would probably be faster than even the simplified stud geometry.
  5. Add environment mapping (definitely optional). Would include the ability to specify an environment map.
  6. If I get environment mapping working, add support for reflective colors such as chrome and gold.
  7. Radar in fly-through mode.
  8. Look at model command.

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